Star Witch

Issued On: Sep. 24, 2020

A. Event Title
Star Witch

B. Event Duration
September 24, 2020 (Thursday, after maintenance)-October 15, 2020 (Thursday, before maintenance)

C. Participants
Every player on every server

D. Details

1. Players can talk to the new NPC [Astrologer] at the [Angel Lyceum] to join or ask about the event.

2. Players can talk to the new NPC [Star Witch] at the [Lake Fields] to join or ask about the event.

3. Players can enter [Lake Fields] through the [Astrologer].

4. Players can talk to the [Astrologer] or the [Star Witch] to accept the quest on collecting [Magic Fragments] or [Star Shards]. Once the quest is completed, talk to the [Star Witch] to claim the [Shooting Star] achievement and [Stargazer] title.

*View [Events – Other – Shooting Star] for achievement details.

*Achievement must be claimed before October 15 maintenance and no compensation will be provided for unclaimed achievement.

*[Magic Fragments] and [Star Shards] can be obtained by defeating [Mystic Jellies] at the [Lake Fields].

5. After completing the [Star Witch] quest, the player can talk to the NPC [Star Witch] to accept the [Star Witch (Daily)] quest. Complete the quest to obtain [2X EXP Chocolate].

*The item will disappear after the 1-day countdown ends, which starts from the time the item is obtained. Please use it promptly.

*If players leave the [Lake Fields] before completing the quest, they can re-enter [Lake Fields] through the [Astrologer]. Once they complete the quest, they can’t re-enter [Lake Fields] on that same day.

E. New Item



2X EXP Chocolate

When used, it doubles EXP gained from fighting monsters while effect lasts. Effect can't be stacked with similar items. Made from quality ingredients, it can only be stored for a day and will disappear afterward. Storage duration can't be stacked with similar items. Use it promptly.

*Refer to the game for the actual items