Game Adjustments

Issued On: Jul. 9, 2020

Event Title
Game Adjustments


1. Fixed the issue of NPCs disappearing when [Divine Prayer] is used.

2. In light of the bug regarding [Divine Prayer]’s effect, the following changes have been made:

a. [Divine Prayer] can no longer be used on NPCs.

b. [Divine Prayer] will recover the HP of friendly targets within the target’s range.

c. Increased HP Recovery:

1407, 1828, 2260, 2700, 3458 → 2814, 3656, 4520, 5400, 10374

d. Magic description will be changed to: [Emits a rejuvenating ball that causes friendly targets to heal HP within the target area]


3. [Five events to celebrate the new arc: Astralfield] event will be extended until July 23, 2020 (before maintenance).