[New Location] Angel Abode

Issued On: Jul. 2, 2020


[Abode Remodeling Plan]

The veterans have long been fascinated with the beautiful designs of the angels’ houses. To keep up with the times, the lyceum scouts have suggested making some changes to the Angel Lyceum. After a round of discussion with the Archangel Michael, we have decided on the following changes:


[Angel Abode]

To create a more eye-catching exhibition of the angels’ houses, we have decided to add a new region solely for [House Exhibition] purposes. This region will be much larger than the Angel Lyceum to accommodate more houses. Reference image:


[Angel Lyceum’s Changes]

To encourage angels to exhibit their spectacular houses at the Angel Abode, Angel Lyceum will no longer be open for house exhibition purposes.


[Getting To Angel Abode]

You may teleport to Angel Abode at Angel Lyceum (165,102):

When you are at the Angel Abode, you can approach Cupid to set your Revival Point. To leave, simply return to Angel Abode’s point of entry. Angels, it’s time to showcase your breathtaking house designs to the world!