The new arc [Astralfield] is now available.

Issued On: Jun. 18, 2020


[Update: New content]
The new arc [Astralfield] is now available.

I. [Astralfield] is now available. You can access the new maps via [Forbidden Sector].

l New spells and skills have been added. You may purchase the scrolls in the new map [Galaxia Square].

II. [Peaceful Harvest]

l The new map [Starry Lake] has been added for Angels to collect Lv 381~391 resources.

l Talk to the new NPC [Starry Manager] in the new map [Galaxia Square] to enter [Starry Lake].

l Talk to the new NPCs [Starry Manager], [Starry Hunting], [Starry Fishing], [Starry Mining], [Starry Logging], and [Starry Farming] in [Starry Manager] to enter different resource areas or return to [Galaxy Square].

III. Max skill level raised to Lv 400 for Angels, skills, and pets.

IV. The new feature [Pet Equipment] is now available. Refer to Angels Online V22 Volume 6 for more details.

[Update: Adjustments]

I. Skill Adjustments
Refer to [Astralfield] Skill and Spell Adjustments

II. Other Adjustments

l Some item names and descriptions have been modified.