April Fool’s Fun! (Remake)

Issued On: Mar. 27, 2020
  1. Event Title
    April Fool’s Fun! (Remake)
  2. Event Duration
    March 26 2020 (Thursday, after maintenance) – April 09 2020 (Thursday, before maintenance)
  3. Particioants
    All players on all servers

Event Intro
Do you still remember last year’s April Fools event? Our newest Angels probably didn’t get to take part back then.
Well, this year, Ehprulfoo is back here in the Angel Lyceum!
If you weren’t here last year, do check out what he has to say~
Psst, let me tell you a secret…
He’ll give us Angels a reeeeeally powerful item! (Hehehe)

  1. Details
  1. During the event period, the NPC, Ehprulfoo, will be available in the Angel Lyceum to provide event info and participation services.
  2. The NPC, Ehprulfoo, will vanish when the event ends.
  1. New Item



Foolsgold Lucky Bag

Open for a chance to get one of the following:
Foolmoo *1
Eternity Knot *1
Fishfolk *1
Mythos Scroll *1
Strawberry Lolly *3
Green Apple Lolly *3
Milk Tea Lolly *3
Sodapop Lolly *3

Mythos Scroll

The stuff of legends! Apparently, this will teleport you to the most exciting place in all of Eden!
(2017 April Fools Event Item)

Eternity Knot

Defense 9941
Spell Defense +9941
Accuracy +9941
Agility +9941
Durability 999 / 999
Weight 1
Requires Lv 1 and above
If you equip this legendary knot, you might gain some fabulous powers…
(2017 April Fools Event Item)

Shapeshift: Fishfolk

Right-click to transform into Fishfolk. Movement Speed increases by 41%, Max HP increases by 9941 Max MP increases by 9941. When the player casts any spell, the effect will disappear (a permanent item).
(2017 April Fools Event Item)


Defense 9941
Attack +9941
Spell Attack +9941
Spell Defense +9941
Max HP +9941
Max MP +9941
Accuracy +9941
Agility +9941
(2017 April Fools Event Item)

Strawberry Lolly

A prank item that looks like a strawberry flavored lollipop. Actually, it's chilli flavored, and if you eat it, all that spice will give you immense attack power!
(2017 April Fools Event Item)

Green Apple Lolly

A prank item that looks like a green apple flavored lollipop. Actually, it's mustard flavored, and if you eat it, it'll sting so bad, it'll give you loads of defense!
(2017 April Fools Event Item)

Sodapop Lolly

A prank item that looks like a sodapop flavored lollipop. Actually, it's super strong mint, and if you eat it, the brain freeze will raise your spell attack!
(2017 April Fools Event Item)

Milk Tea Lolly

A prank item that looks like a milk tea flavored lollipop. Actually, it's made out of bitter herbs, and if you eat it, you'll gag so hard, you'll get immense spell defense!
(2017 April Fools Event Item)

*Refer to game for the actual items