Merger Angel Blessings

Issued On: Mar. 19, 2020
  1. Event Title
    Merger Angel Blessings
  2. Event Duration
    Merger Angel Location: (Angel Lyceum 150, 80)
    March 22 2018 (Wednesday, after maintenance) – March 29 2018 (Thursday, before maintenance), total of 7 days.
  3. Particioants
    All players
  4. Details
    1. During the event, the event NPC [Merger Angel] (150, 80) will be in the Angel Lyceum to provide event info and event participation.
    2. During the event period, Angels can report to the [Merger Angel] once daily to receive a reward. Each consecutive report gives a different reward.
    3. If an Angel reports daily without fail, the Angel will get all the rewards available.
    4. During the event, Angels can get the [Archangel’s Secret] from the [Merger Angel]. This special blessing greatly increases an Angel’s powers.
  5. New Item



Party Fireworks

Thanatos and Ares will be merged into one, so let's celebrate wth a bang!
(Requires 30 seconds cooldown between uses.)

Super Broadcasting

Be able to speak in a special channel after use.


The Angel Lyceum has invented a new kind of wings that are super speedy. Use them in the map-based teleportation system [Angels GO!] (hotkey Ctrl+T) to fly instantly to the destination of your choice!
*One Superwing is used per trip, regardless of distance

Shapeshift Elf Capsule

Requires 1 slot in your bag to open. Open to get one of the following:

Fire Elf (Shapeshift)

Water Elf (Shapeshift)

Earth Elf (Shapeshift)

Wind Elf (Shapeshift)

Enchanted-Hestia Angel Bunny (30 days)


Friendship Token (7 days)

Equip to increase your melee damage and spell damage by 20%, and decrease melee and spell damage received by 10%. Similar effects do not stack.

*Refer to game for the actual items