Server Merge Rush

Issued On: Mar. 5, 2020
  1. Event Title
    Server Merge Rush
  2. Event Duration
    Final dash before server merge!
    March 5, 2020 (Thursday, after maintenance) to March 15, 2020 (Sunday)
  3. Participants
    Every player on every server.

Event Intro
Haven’t finished preparing for the server merge starting soon?
Did you just realize your character level isn’t high enough, or you don’t have enough any additional characters to retain?
No worries, we’ve noticed you might have these problems!
Before the server merge, we’ll be holding events on every server to give you a chance to get EXP, Skill EXP, Production Speed, Crafting Speed, Order EXP, and Gold earned bonuses!
[Skill Crystal], [Double Exp Card], [Double Skill Exp Card], [Collecting Speedup Card], and [Facture Speedup Card] prices are also halved It’s time for grinding!
Also, [Bearscape-Newbie Box] will be permanently removed after the server merge, and will be replaced with new items suited for [new players]. Stay tuned!

  1. Details

During the event, players will enjoy:

  1. 3x EXP
  2. 3x Skill EXP
  3. 3x Production Speed
  4. 3x Crafting Speed
  5. 2x Order EXP
  6. 2x Gold obtained from Orders
  7. Prices for [Skill Crystal], [Double Exp Card], [Double Skill Exp Card], [Collecting Speedup Card], [Facture Speedup Card] are halved in the Item Mall.
  8. [Bearscape-Newbie Box] will be permanently removed from the Item Mall after the server merge.