Christmas Crisis!

Issued On: Dec. 26, 2019
  1. Event Title
    Christmas Crisis!
  2. Event Duration
    December 26, 2019 (Thursday, after maintenance), to January 16, 2020 (Thursday, before maintenance)
  3. Event Intro
    [Santa Claus] has sent a distress signal to every angel out of the blue: Christmas presents have been stolen by the [X’mas Thieves]. A flustered [Santa Claus] has personally come to [Angel Lyceum] seeking help. Visit him to find out more!
  4. Details
  1. NPC - [Santa Claus] will be added to Angel Lyceum to provide event details.
  2. Players have access to [To X’mas Village!] quests daily from Santa Claus.
  3. Players can enter [X’mas Village] an unlimited number of times. Once the event quest has been completed for the day, however, they will only be able to enter again the following day.
  4. After defeating 200 [X’mas Thieves] at the [X’mas Village], players will be brought back to [Angel Lyceum] to report to [Santa Claus].
  5. Players receive one [Good Kid Coupon] when they clear the quest every day. Collect them to exchange with [Santa Claus] for limited event rewards.