Angels Online: Video Contest

Issued On: Jan. 29, 2008


Dear Angels, wanna remember the wonderful times you've had in game? We're holding a Video Contest with big rewards to offer you the chance to film your own adventures.

All players are qualified to participate in this event.

Event Duration: Long Term

Rewards: 500 Item Mall Points

Event Location: AO Media Overview

Event Rules:

1.      Upload your works to or other similar video websites, and then post the video link in our forum. Your post should be titled [Video]+topic

2.      The video should be made with Angels Online as the backdrop (in-game video, not real life), and should contain words such as IGG, Angels Online, and

3.      Works containing vulgar/offensive/obscene language are strictly prohibited.

4.      You should post your work with your character name and server name.

5.      Your work should be original, if there are duplicates, the one posted first will count.

6.      The most excellent works will be used by us as a part of our official promotion material, and the corresponding winners will be rewarded greatly.

7.      IGG reserves all the copyrights of the videos you submitted and all rights for final judgment of this contest.    


For more information about the contest visit: