Dragon Arena Pre-heat Video

Issued On: Dec. 5, 2019
Lords Mobile's highly anticipated update, the Dragon Arena, will open its doors in December! Clash in a battle of strength and wits as you face off against a rival guild! Who will emerge the victors in this new arena?
Each guild will have 1 hour to claim victory! Strategy is key; earn event points by occupying various Strongholds to win! Battle to your heart's content, for troops will not die in this ancient battlefield, and all who are wounded in the Dragon Arena will automatically be healed after the event ends.
You will also be able to win varying amounts of Dragite, an exclusive event currency. Dragite can be used to claim a brand new Hero!
The war drums are beating! Get ready!
Dragon Arena Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7UGFQpl6NU&feature=youtu.be
Download now: https://lordsmobile.onelink.me/1011695026/69c83c61