Jonathan’s Halloween Hall

Issued On: Oct. 17, 2019
  1. Event Title
    Jonathan’s Halloween Hall
  2. Event Duration
    Jonathan’s Halloween Hall
    2019.10.17 (Thu) after maintenance~2019.11.14 (Thu) before maintenance
    ※Limited Time Event
  3. Participants
    Every player on every server.
  4. Event Intro
    Halloween is here again! The ghostly aura is strong this time of the year, and while on an unexpected visit, [Ghost Miner Jonathan] has invited you to a treasure-seeking game he’s organized! During this period, the [Halloween Hall] is available to players with a [Halloween Hall Ticket].
    The [Halloween Hall] is filled with lots of [Jade Pumpkins], and the [Jade Duchess] will occasionally appear. Players can defeat them to get [Jade Pumpkin Pieces] and the [Duchess’ Star], which can be used to exchange for rewards with Jonathan. Getting the [Duchess’ Star] is no easy feat, as players have to be one of the top ranked in order to obtain it. The [Jade Duchess] will only appear after a large number of [Jade Pumpkins] have been defeated. Due to Halloween’s magical aura, all damage dealt to her is only 1.
    Players can only remain in the [Halloween Hall] for a limited period of time. But as long as you invite your friends, I believe you’ll be able to clear the challenge! Make the most out of this month and clear the event!
  5. Event Details
  1. During the event period, [Ghost Miner Jonathan] will be added to Angel Lyceum to provide details of and participation to the event.
  2. Players can obtain [Halloween Hall Tickets] from Online Rewards (7).
  3. Players can enter the [Halloween Hall] by speaking to [Ghost Miner Jonathan], but a [Halloween Ticket] is required.
  4. Players are only allowed in the [Halloween Hall] for 30 minutes at a time.
  5. When time is up, players will be sent back the the [Hall Entrance] if they are with the [Jade Duchess] or defeating monsters in the [Halloween Hall].
  6. Upon defeating [Jade Pumpkins], players are granted [Jade Pumpkin Pieces]. A [Duchess’ Star] can be exchanged for 1000 [Jade Pumpkin Pieces].
  7. When players attack the [Jade Duchess], a [Duchess’ Star] will be awarded based on the following:
    >Players must deal damage to the [Jade Duchess], and not leave the [Halloween Hall] before the [Jade Duchess] is defeated.
    >The amount of damage a player inflicts on the [Jade Duchess] must be ranked in the top 15.
    >When the two criteria are met, players can get [Duchess’ Star] at the [Hall Entrance].
  8. Although the [Jade Duchess] does not deal much damage to players, she can shapeshift and deal a wide range of attacks.
  9. The [Jade Duchess] only emerges at Server 1, and will only respawn 10 minutes after a defeat.
  10. Before challenging the [Jade Duchess], please ensure you have at least 1 available slot in your bag.
  11. If you are unable to collect 10 [Star Shards] within the event period, do not discard the Star Shards you have collected as [Star Shards] will also be available in future events.
  12. Collect [Star Shards] to exchange [Star Keys] at Angel Lyceum (177, 100). Star Keys are used for [Star Blessing (Ctrl + S)].
  1. New Items



Jade Pumpkin Piece

Fragments that can be found on Jade Pumpkins. Collect them to exchange for Duchess' Star from Ghost Miner Jonathan. Emits a faint pumpkin aroma, but it doesn't seem to be edible......
(2019 Jonathan's Halloween Hall)

Duchess' Star

A star-shaped jewelry of the Jade Duchess, which is useless apart from being pretty. Collect them to exchange for rewards with Ghost Miner Jonathan.
(2019 Jonathan's Halloween Hall)

Mighty-Duchess' Little Moppet

A favorite doll of the Jade Duchess. Can also be used as an accessory.
(2019 Jonathan's Halloween Hall)

Jade Duchess (Shapeshift)

Right-click to transform into Jade Duchess. Shapeshifting effect disappears when a spell is used.
(Permanent Item)

Jade Pumpkin (Shapeshift)

Right-click to transform into Jade Pumpkin. Shapeshifting effect disappears when a spell is used.
(Permanent Item)

Halloween Hall Ticket

An admission ticket for entering Ghost Miner Jonathan's private quarters. As it is made of spiritual power, it only lasts 1 day.
(2019 Jonathan's Halloween Hall)

Mini Jade Pumpkin

Furniture made by Jonathan. You can feel a creepy aura just by looking at it.
(2019 Jonathan's Halloween Hall)

Jade Pumpkin Ornament

Furniture made by Jonathan. You can feel a creepy aura just by looking at it.
(2019 Jonathan's Halloween Hall)

*Refer to game for the actual items