Game Adjustments

Issued On: Sep. 19, 2019
  1. Event Title
    Game Adjustments
  2. Details
  1. Number of Fusion Pets increased to 275 types.
    *Added special Fusion Pet [Lemonkey] with the skill [Tempest Assault].
    *Added [Queena Egg] and [Poochyegg] to the Fusion system.
    *Added new achievements [Lv 24 Fusion Researcher] and [Lv 25 Fusion Researcher].
  2. You can now capture monsters on [Shuwa] maps - [Mariam Waterway], [Shuwa Market], [Bayan Village], [Deserted Ruins], and [Siam Square].
    *Added new achievement [Lv 19 Monster Hunter].
  1. Special Fusion Pet




Light Shield:

Temporarily increases target's resistance to melee and spell DMG.

Dawn Burst:

Attacks a single target with explosive bullets made of sunlight, dealing fire DMG and decreasing target’s HP by 250 every 2s. Effect lasts 11s.

Tempest Assault:

Attacks a single target at long range, dealing DMG by hurling powerful winds at the enemy. May knock target back upon hit, depending on Stamina.

*Refer to game for the actual items


  1. Other Fusion Pets


Silly Baby Seal

Hammer Bearer

Baby Pearl



Softy Navy

Razor Guard

Aqua Clam

Fiery Torcher

Datty Soldier

Captain Banjeowl

Victorious Tulito

Clam Fairy Pearlie

Magician Foream

Feline Boboro

Bug King Wartoz


Queen Bee Femirse