Game Adjustments

Issued On: Sep. 5, 2019


  1. [Summerfest - Piñata Frenzy] Thanks to the little Angels’ efforts in suppressing Frenzied Piñata, the HP of Evil Tweeties has dropped to 1.
  2. The new NPC [Elite Clerk] will be in Angel Lyceum (196,90) to provide exchange services for Lv 125 to 330 premium weapons and equipment.
  3. You can now exchange for V Scrolls (available up to Skill Lv 280) with Scrollmaker in Angel Lyceum. Required materials: Arcane Scraps. Arcane Scraps can be obtained from [Spell-Abysston V Luck Bag] or [Melee-Abysston V Luck Bag] which are on sale in the Item Mall [Lucky Bag_Hot] section.
  4. Modified item names (to correspond to the new NPC Elite Clerk).