Save the Earth

Issued On: Jan. 31, 2019
  1. Event Title

            Save the Earth


  1. Event Duration

            Save the Earth

            From January 31 2019 (Thursday, after maintenance) onwards

            ※Permanent Event


  1. Participants

            All players on all servers


  1. Event Intro

         The world is facing a crisis. Disasters and extreme weathers keep happening, and even powerful beings like Jaggamir, Deanna, and Lady Angelika have been influenced by external forces. A strange atmosphere looms over the Cryptic Moon Swamp as well, symbolizing huge instability. While all these is happening, the [Green Angel] has discovered an overlooked threat. There are [Straw Pollutants] all over Eden which is seriously affecting the ecosystem. To protect the environment, [Green Angel] has a discussion with [Archangel Michael], and they have decided to enlist the help of all Angels. For the future of Eden, and for a clean environment for all creatures, become an [Earth-Saver] now!


  1. Details
  1. After the maintenance, a new NPC [Green Angel] (214, 74) will be added to the Angel Lyceum to provide event info and participation services.
  2. After the maintenance, defeat monsters or collect resources above Lv 21 for a chance to get [Straw Pollutants].
  3. After the maintenance, Angels may exchange [Straw Pollutants] with the [Green Angel] for rewards or achievement stamps.
  1. Submit any number of [Pollutant Straws] daily to obtain [Environment Stamps]. Collect the stamps to obtain [Earth-Saver] achievements.
  2. [Environment Stamps] will not appear in your bag.
  3. [Straw Pollutants] can be exchange for the [Go Green] spell effect. The spell effect varies based on the spell level.
  4. [Straw Pollutants] can be exchanged for useful items. (More kinds of items may be added in the future.
  1. Save the Earth is a permanent event. You may participate in it at any time.


  1. Rewards List




Straw Pollutant

An item that harms the environment due to their large numbers. To protect the earth, the Environmental Team requests all Angels to reclaim these from Eden. Give this to [Green Angel] (215, 74) to exchange for rewards.