Abysston Lucky Bag On Sale

Issued On: Dec. 27, 2018
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      Abysston Lucky Bag

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    1. Item Mall [Pet] sell Abysston Lucky Bag


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Abysston Lucky Bag

Open it to get one of the following things randomly:

Abysston Egg *1

Hermegg *1

Monkey Egg *1

S-Fusion Pet EGG (1) *1

AdvancedBlood Certificate *1

Bunbun Egg *1

Teddy Egg *1

Special Pet Egg *1

MediumBlood Certificate *1

Improved Pet Feed *1

Pet's Shapeshift Preview Scroll *5

Shape Fusion Potion *5

1.2 Billion Pet Bonus Voucher *1

Pet Feed *5

Pet's 4X EXPCard (30 min) *2

Potent Pet's Potion Egg *1

Abysston Egg

This is a special Pet egg. The Pet will grow into different forms depending on the way you raise it.

  1. Abysston Egg