November Gag Event

Issued On: Nov. 8, 2018

A.        Event Title

November Gag Event

B.         Event Duration

November Gag Event

From November 08 2018 (Thursday, after maintenance) – November 29 2018 (Thursday, before maintenance), total of 21 days

C.        Participants

All players on all servers

D.        Event Intro

        This magical November, a gag craze has washed over Eden! Archangel Michael has decided to give all Angels a little gift! For the next 21 days, you will receive a [November Gagpack] for your Online Reward (8), which will contain a random 1-day shapeshifting doll of a rare monster.


        It’s time for fun!

E.         Details

I.            During the event, Online Reward (8) will offer the [November Gagpack] reward.

II.          The [November Gagpack] and Gag Event shapeshifting dolls are only valid for one day. They will disappear once they expire.