New Weekly Events Available

Issued On: Jan. 17, 2008


Mob's attack

During the past few weeks, you have had great success in defending the Angel Lyceum and sent the invaders packing. After all these defeats bloodlust has overtaken their minds and they want revenge against Eden. The Spy Angel's report says they have accidentally changed their marching route, and the four divided forces will appear at four different places at the same time. Look out Aurora City, Breeze Woods, Iron Castle and Dark City! Angels, assemble!


Event Duration:
21:00~22:00 EST (GMT-5) Jan 18th        Nisroc

21:00~22:00 EST (GMT-5) Jan 19th         Haniel

Event Place:

(36,124) in Riprap Coast         Aurora City

(36, 39) in Bottomless Pit        Dark City

(10, 82) in Mushroom Forest    Breeze Woods

(22, 20) in Burning Desert       Iron Castle



Angel Discount Stall

Some GMs are running out of their deposits, so they have no choice but to sell off their private treasures at a discount.


Event Duration:

20:30~21:30 EST (GMT-5) Jan 20th   all severs

Event Contents:

GM will set a stall in Angels Lyceum A or one of the four Main Cities at random with various items priced at 500 coins. Pay attention to in-game announcements from which you may find out where the GM is. Once you find GM's stall, you can buy anything he has for 500 coins each.