New Fusion Pets Revealed!

Issued On: Jun. 21, 2018
  1. Event Title

New Fusion Pets Revealed!

  1. Event Duration

New Fusion Pets Revealed!

From June 21 2018 (Thursday, after maintenance) onwards


  1. Participants

All players from all servers

  1. Event Intro

      Good day Angels!

      To make the Angel Lyceum more lively, Archangel Michael has requested the Pet Expert to bring in new Pets. The information of the two new Fusion Pets are are listed below! [Lv 22 Fusion Researcher] and [Lv 23 Fusion Researcher] have also been added to [Pet System > Pet’s Fusion]. Explore the joy of fusing new Pets!

  1. Details
    1. After the maintenance, the number of Fusion Pets will be increased to 254.
    2. After the maintenance, the [Monkey Egg] and [Queena Egg] will be added to the fusion system.
  2. New Fusion Pets

Pet Name






Magical spell to attack a single target. It will transfer some target's MP to the spell caster.

Peerless Slash (Attack):

Swiftly slashes the target with agile movements.

Feral Beast Fury:

Increases player's melee damage and decreases the resistance to melee damage within the effective time.




Attacks single target within short range. It can cause 3x original damage. It can also repulse target

Steel Beak (Attack):

Gathers energy, then attacks with its powerful beak at full force to deal damage.

Earth Essence:

Speed up the recovery of the target's HP and MP within the effective time

  1. Other Fusion Pets

Pet Name

Cavendish Dancer

Tropical Owl

Bluegrass Elf

Greedy Ant

Fu Bamboo

Sobbing Onion

Banana Diva

Rainbow Owl

Sunny Elf

Guardian Ant

Purple Woodcutter

Crying Red Onion

Pop Diva Camara

Hardy Durian Cat

Red Elf Poppy

Ant Warrior Jack

Assassin Bamboo Cin

Officer Ryaon

King Oni

Fox Spirit Tamamo

King Ashuro