Gemini Gold Isle Journey - Part II

Issued On: May. 31, 2018
  1. Event Title

Gemini Gold Isle Journey - Part II

  1. Event Duration

Gemini Gold Isle Journey - Part II

May 31 2018 (Thursday, after maintenance) - June 14 2018 (Thursday, before maintenance), total of 14 days

※ The NPC [Mi & Ni] will remain after the event has ended to provide achievement exchange services.

※ [Monster Aether] will no longer be dropped after the maintenance on May 31 2018.

※ [Mi & Ni] will no longer accept [Monster Aether] and [Manufactured Semiproducts] after the maintenance on May 31 2018.


  1. Participants

All players on all servers

  1. Event Intro

Finally, the items are gathered!

Now they just have to be delivered.

If you have any leftover cards, you may still exchange them with me for rewards.

Now help us deliver some goods if you’re free.

After all, the Gold Isle is now accessible and it’s time to explore.

Let us embark on our Gold Isle Journey!


Oh, have you heard? A uniquely dressed teacher has come to the Angel Lyceum. Perhaps she also comes from a faraway land?

I heard that she’s an astrologer. Maybe we should visit her for a reading before we set off.

Who knows, we might get something good!

You can find her at (144, 107) in the Angel Lyceum, near the [Magic Teacher].

  1. Details
    1. During the event, the NPC [Mi & Ni] (150, 79) in the Angel Lyceum will provide event participation and achievement exchange services.
    2. During the event, you can speak to [Mi & Ni] to collect [Light Goods].
    3. During the event, you can deliver [Light Goods] to [Ni's Robot] at the [Emerald Coast].
    4. You will get a [Card of Gemini] upon a successful delivery. Exchange 10 of them for an achievement from [Mi & Ni].
  2. New Items



Light Goods

A box enchanted with a 12-hour featherweight spell. Will break and disappear if it is not delivered to its destination in time.
/c$22018 Gemini Gold Isle Journey/c*

Card of Gemini

A card autographed by Mi & Ni. Collect these to receive an achievement from Mi & Ni.
/c$22018 Gemini Gold Isle Journey/c*