Game Content Adjustments

Issued On: May. 10, 2018

A.        Event Title

Game Content Adjustments

B.         Event Duration

[Tribute to Hapis] Event Adjustments

May 10 2018 (Thursday, after maintenance)


Lv 1 - Lv 151 Semiproducts and Products Adjustment

May 10 2018 (Thursday, after maintenance)


Cowlo’s Appreciation Week

May 10 2018 (Thursday, after maintenance) - May 17 2018 (Thursday, before maintenance)


C.        Participants

All players on all servers

D.        Event Intro

        Cowlo is grateful for your help and has called upon the entire Cow Clan to bless Eden. For a week, all Character EXP, Skill EXP, and Pet EXP you earn will be doubled, and your Production Speed will be twice as fast too!


        He hasn’t been slacking off either while you were busy! Cowlo has noticed that some new Angels were very inefficient at production, and did not even sort  some of their products and semiproducts, so he got to work to do it for them. Learning how to organize your items will greatly increase your efficiency as a producer!

E.         Details

1.           After the maintenance, the [Hapis Spirit] will disappear.

2.           After the maintenance, Cowlo will not give you any offerings, but will still provide achievement exchange services.

3.           After the maintenance, all Lv 1 - 151 semiproducts and products will indicate their levels in their names.

4.           After the maintenance, the number of Lv 1 - Lv 151 semiproducts and products that can be stacked will be adjusted to 1,000.

5.           During the event, all Character EXP, Skill EXP, Pet EXP, and Production Speed will be doubled.