Game Content Adjustments

Issued On: Apr. 19, 2018
  1. Event Title

Game Content Adjustments

  1. Event Duration

[Orb Hunting Season] Event Adjustments

April 19 2018 (Thursday, after maintenance)


  1. Participants

All players on all servers

  1. Event Intro

    The sheep clan is extremely grateful to all Angels for your help. [Ram Orbs] are no longer going to appear in Eden, and thus they are taking their leave next week. If you still have any [Ram Orbs] or [Orb Certs], remember to give them to [Big Puff] in exchange for rewards!

  1. Details
    1. After the maintenance, [Ram Orbs] will no longer be dropped.
    2. After the maintenance, Big Puff will remain for one week to provide rewards and achievement exchange services.