Update Log

Issued On: Dec. 1, 2017


Latest Updates:

1.          Game updated with data for [Aeternia].

2.          New system: [Olympus Tower] now online

A.          Angels can talk to the NPC in the bottom left corner of the Angel Lyceum for event info and item exchange services.

B.           The entrance to the Olympus Tower is the [portal in the bottom left corner of the Angel Lyceum]. Angels can enter once a day.

3.          [Aeternia] maps have been added. They can be accessed via the [Deity Palace Ruins].

4.          New spells and skills have been added. The new scrolls are sold in the new map [Rainbow Town].

5.      [Collect in Bliss]:

A.          Added [Carota], for Angels to collect Lv 251 – Lv 261 resources.

B.           Added [Caroti], for Angels to collect Lv 271 – Lv 281 resources.

C.           Added [Caroto], for Angels to collect Lv 291 – Lv 301 resources.

D.          Added new NPC [Garden Guard] (location 152, 90) in [Rainbow Town], who will help Angels enter [Carota, Caroti, and Caroto].

E.           Added new NPC [Gardener] in the [Carota, Caroti, and Caroto] maps to help Angels enter different garden areas or return to [Rainbow Town].

6.          Version launch events [Aeternia I-VI]

7.          Max level cap for Angels, Skills, and Pets raised to Lv 350.

8.          Some item names have been modified.

9.          Some achievement names have been modified.

10.      Adjusted attributes of monsters in V16 and V17.

11.      Fixed display error that occurs when Orders are submitted.

12.  Some skills have been modified:

A.          Adjusted attributes for Strangle Strike I, II, III

B.           Adjusted attributes for Gae Bolg I, II, III

C.           Adjusted attributes for Death Rend I, II, III; adjusted SP cost (3 --> 2)