The Grand Exorcist

Issued On: Sep. 14, 2017

A.        Event Title

The Grand Exorcist

B.         Event Duration

The Grand Exorcist

September 14 2017 (Thursday, after maintenance) – October 12 2017 (Thursday, before maintenance)


C.        Participants

All players on all servers

D.        Event Intro

      Autumn is here, the days are getting shorter, and the sunlight is getting weaker. Lots of eerie ghosts are taking the opportunity to create trouble in the mortal realm now that the barrier has gotten thinner. We need your help, Angels!

      During the event period, simply remain online for two hours and ten minutes, and you will get 10 Exorcism Peas. You can use these peas on ghosts in the four main cities – [Aurora City], [Dark City], [Breeze Woods], [Iron Castle], as well as Atlantis’ [Palm Base].

*Remember to click on the treasure chest in the top left corner of the screen to claim your online reward!

      Use the Exorcism Peas on the ghosts to exorcise them, and you will have a high chance of getting a [Fang]. When you’ve successfully performed one exorcism, you can perform advanced exorcism for a chance to get [2 Fangs], and if your advanced exorcism is successful, you can then perform high exorcism for a small chance to get [4 Fangs]!

      Simply collect [100 Fangs] from each main city, and give them to the NPC – Exorcist. For Atlantis-Palm Base, you will have to collect [200 Fangs].

      Oh yes, apart from staying online to collect Exorcism Peas, you can also take part in the daily event [Angel Elementary] to get an additional 10-200 Exorcism Peas!

      I’ve got another secret to tell you… You can use the peas for special effects instead of exorcism! Rumors say that they can be used to prevent ghostly curses. If your exorcisms keep failing, you can try eating a pea before continuing. You might be pleasantly surprised.

      The safety of Eden rests on your shoulders, Angels! Hurry, and exorcise all these ghostly beings from our land!


      *Mysterious rainbow eggs will make an appearance after this event. Do look forward to them!

E.         Details

1.          During the event period, there will be an event NPC – Exorcist in the Angel Lyceum to provide event info and access.

2.          During the event period, players will get Exorcism Peas * 10 if they remain online for 2 hours and 10 minutes.

3.          During the event period, players can get 10-200 Exorcism Peas if they take part in Angel Elementary.

4.          During the event period, players can use the Exorcism Peas in the four main cities and Palm Base to perform [Exorcism].

5.          Each exorcism has a chance of success. If the exorcism is successful, the player can perform [advanced exorcism] for a chance to get 2 Fangs, and if the advanced exorcism is successful, the player can perform [high exorcism] for a chance to get 4 Fangs.

6.          Each successful exorcism gives you different Fangs (depending on which area you’re in). Collect enough Fangs to give to the event NPC in exchange for corresponding achievements and shapeshifting items.

7.          Each area gives you different achievements and shapeshifting items, and once you’ve collected all the achievements, you can obtain the [Grand Exorcist] title.