The Night of Sevens

Issued On: Aug. 3, 2017

A.        Event Title

The Night of Sevens

B.         Event Duration

The Night of Sevens

August 3 2017 (Thursday, after maintenance) to August 31 2017 (Thursday) 23:59


C.        Participants

All players on all servers

D.        Event Intro

      Every romance story has tear-jerker moments. In all your years in Eden, have you come across any love stories that have moved you to tears? The 28th of August this year is the Night of Sevens, and the story of the weaver girl and the cowherd has been celebrated for centuries on this day. Star-crossed lovers who can only meet once a year… A bitter-sweet romance!

      Let’s celebrate the season of love here in Eden. Simply log in daily to get the limited item [Enchanted-Ardent Roses (30 days)].

      Love requires patience!

E.         Details

1.          The log in reward for August 28 has been modified, and 1 Enchanted-Ardent Roses (30 days) has been added.

F.         New Item



Enchanted-Ardent Roses (30 days)

Magical roses that bloom for love, and remain blooming for 30 days. Hold them in your hands to feel the power of love!