Fairytale PD Now Out!

Issued On: Jun. 29, 2017

A.        Event Title

Fairytale PD Now Out!

B.         Event Name

Fairytale PD Now Out!

C.        Event Duration

June 29 2017 (Thursday, after maintenance) until the next PD release

D.        Participants

All players on all servers

E.         Event Intro

A long, long time ago, a powerful king wanted to find someone who would be his one true love, so he took up the holy staff and journeyed to the legendary shrine. There, he made a wish at the sacred goblet, to find a lifelong companion…

Do you want to try dressing up as the characters in this fairytale? Simply purchase the [Enchanted-Fairytale Egg] from the Item Mall for a chance to get the Redheart Suitcase Voucher, which you can give to the NPC-Fashionable to get a brand new Redheart PD set! A fiery red costume displaying your passion is a fitting outfit for a journey to find your love!

If you didn’t manage to get a suitcase voucher, don’t fret! Besides Redheart, we also have Jadeite and Mystic sets for you to collect! Don’t miss out!

F.         Details

1.          The menswear and ladies wear sections in the Item Mall will have [Enchanted-Fairytale Egg]*1, [Enchanted-Fairytale Egg]*11, and [Enchanted-Mystic PD (3 days) series] for sale.
*Items will be available after maintenance on June 29 2017

2.          The Onmyouji PDs will be removed from the Item Mall.

3.          Note: Enchanted PDs are separated into male and female sets. Please read the item description before purchasing or using your vouchers.