2017 IGG Anniversary Special I Bug

Issued On: Jun. 12, 2017

Dear Angels:

          We are sorry to inform you that there are something wrong in the annoucement of getting special item of the event :2017 IGG Anniversary Special I

          You may be confused by the annoucement while you get the following items. We will fix it in the next maintenance . 

           We are sorry for any inconvience caused.Thank you for your support.

Wrong Annoucement Right Annoucement
Power-Trinket and Pocket Lucky bag Power-Quality Accessories Lucky Bag
Scroll 1: Celestial Heal V Life Scroll: Sacred Wrath V
Scroll 2: Ghostly Swordsman V Necro Scroll: Blood Bond V
Scroll 3: Lava Charm V Chaos Scroll: Mage Anarchy V
Scroll 4: Anubis Form V Earth Scroll: Natural Remedy V
Stance 1: Sage Slash V Sword Skill: Sword Of Kings V
Stance 2: Tornado Rhythm V Axe Skill: Thor's Hammer V
Stance 3: Maim Shot V Spear Skill: Armor Break V
Stance 4: Charge Shot V Bow Skill: Osmose Arrow V
Stance 5: Shadow Spiral V Assassin Skill:Shadowy Killer V
Zionic-Alphatigris Gunblade Fiery Onmyouji Suitcase Voucher
Zionic-Kiga's Ancient Gaze Melee: V Scroll Voucher *5
Zionic-Muse's Judgement Spell: V Scroll Voucher *5
Zionic-Anashi's Wings Zionic-Alphatigris Gunblade
Zionic-Elemental Chaos Zionic-Kiga's Ancient Gaze
Zionic-Silent Scream Zionic-Muse's Judgement
Zionic-Sealed Spinedrake Zionic-Anashi's Wings
Zionic-Ancestral Icerend Zionic-Elemental Chaos
Zionic-Iplo's Icewhirl Zionic-Silent Scream
Zionic-Guide's Death Zionic-Sealed Spinedrake
Zionic-Deathrattle Tune Zionic-Ancestral Icerend
Zionic-Shylo's Divine Wrath Zionic-Iplo's Icewhirl
Cozy Xmas Suitcase Voucher Zionic-Guide's Death
Zionic-Lv 250 Classic Light Armor Box Zionic-Deathrattle Tune
Zionic-Lv 250 Classic Heavy Armor Box Zionic-Shylo's Divine Wrath
Zionic-Lv 250 Classic Gown Box Zionic-Lv 250Classic Light Armor Box
Stance:Blood Hunt V Zionic-Lv 250Classic Heavy Armor Box
Stance:Soul Discharge V Zionic-Lv 250Classic Gown Box
300000Skill Bonus Voucher *20 9000000 Skill Bonus Voucher
800 MillionEXP Voucher *20 1.5 Billion EXP Voucher *20
300-pc Wishing Wand Box 300 pc-Angelic Chalice Box
150-pc Wishing Wand Box 150 pc-Angelic Chalice Box
Jurassic-Rapid Raptor Enchanted- Vibra Firawings Egg
Jurassic-Viral Raptor Ruby-Galactic Moped
Inferno Badge Onyx-Galactic Moped
Whirlpool Badge A - Fusion Pet EGG(3)
Whirlwind Badge Melee: V Scroll Voucher *2
Mountain Badge Spell: V Scroll Voucher *2
150-pc Wishing Wand Box 150 pc-Angelic Chalice Box
100-pc Wishing Wand Box 100 pc-Angelic Chalice Box
White Tiger Claw Arcana Egg
Bunbun Egg Jurassic-Viral Raptor