Arcana is coming

Issued On: Apr. 13, 2017





  1. Added: [Arcana] update and data


  1. Added: [Arcana] map; can be accessed via the bottom right of [Crashing Hillock].


  1. Added: new spells and skills; new spell scrolls and skill scrolls sold in the new map [Coo Village].


  1. Added: [Harmony Harvest]:

(1)      Added [Ethereal Grounds], a place that lets Angels collect Lv 241 – Lv 251 resources.

(2)      Added the NPC [Ethereal Produce Clerk] (location 156, 122) in [Coo Village] to help Angels enter the [Ethereal Grounds].

(3)      Added the NPC [Ethereal Produce Clerk] in the [Ethereal Grounds] to help Angels enter various resource areas or return to [Coo Village].

  1. Released: Players, skills, and pets can now be leveled up to Lv 340.
  2. Added: version update event [Launch Party! V17 Arcana Fest!]
  3. Adjustments:

(1)   Spell names and the names of corresponding items will have some minor adjustments (this will be done gradually).

(2)   Some achievement names will be adjusted.