Summer Cool

Issued On: Jul. 16, 2014

The blazing sun is high up in the sky and heat waves assault the poor people on Eden. Summer is glorious but the heat cannot be under-estimated! Lots of people are falling over from heat stroke and the kind Tubero has decided to manufacture a special balm that can be used to relieve the symptoms of heat stroke. But she requires a huge amount of [Dewy Lotion] to make this balm, so she hopes that kind angels will help her collect [Dewy Lotion] in return for the wide range of prizes she has in store! 

Event Duration
July 17 2014 12:00 (after maintenance) – Aug 7 2014 (before maintenance)
(The Event NPC will remain for one more week to provide exchange services and will be taken offline after maintenance on Aug 14.) 
Event Contents
1 During the event period, the event NPC [Tubero] will be available on [channel 1] in the Angel Lyceum. She will provide info on the event, handle the lucky draw and other event services.
2 Players may purchase [Dewy Lotion] from the Item Mall (Price: 49 AG) to take part in the lucky draw hosted by Tubero.
3 During the event period, there will be special value [Dewy Lotion] bundles available on sale every morning from 8am – 11am and every night from 7pm – 10pm. These bundles include a set of 30 Dewy Lotion bottles for 1390 AG, 50 bottles for 2200 AG and 100 bottles for 4160 AG.
4 During the event period, simply purchase popular lucky bags in the Item Mall for a chance to get bonus [Dewy Lotion].
5 Tubero has prepared a wide variety of fascinating prizes. The more participants there are, the higher the chances of getting a valuable prize!
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