Sun Fiesta Area

Issued On: Jun. 4, 2014

From the server maintenance on June 5 until the server maintenance onJune 26, players can obtain an Sun Fiesta Area Ticket when they buy the Lucky Bag. With the Ticket, players can go to find the NPC "Area Angel" in the Angel Lyceum (164. 85) and enter the [Sun Fiesta Area].

Players can obtain a Sun Fiesta Area Ticket when they buy the following Lucky Bag.



1. Whether you give the Sun Fiesta Area Ticket to Area Angel (164. 83) or use it yourself, it will still have the same effect.
2. Each of the four factions owns their own Sun Fiesta Areas. Players can use Mark Stone or Mark Portal Scroll in these Areas.
3. Players are unable to go to the Sun Fiesta Area unless they have first graduated from the Angel Lyceum and chosen a faction.
4. Once the ticket's valid duration has ended, players will return to the Area Hut by defeating monsters or collecting materials. If they wish to return to the Sun Fiesta Area, then they must use another ticket. Otherwise, Angels will go back home with the help of the Executive Clerk.
5. The Sun Fiesta Area is designed for players Level 1 to 190. The highest level of monsters is Level 170.

The Angels Online Team