Cool Summer Festival

Issued On: May. 14, 2014

Spring is fading away and summer is upon us. Eden is flooded with sunshine as the days get hotter and hotter. Everyone can’t help longing for icy treats to take the edge off the heat. Sweety Witch simple loves desserts and she’s decided to make some special icy treats for everyone! But she needs a large amount of [Crystal Dust] as a crucial ingredient, so she has prepared lots of exciting prizes to encourage all the Angels to help her collect [Crystal Dust].

Event Duration
May 15 2014 (after maintenance) to June 5 2014 (before maintenance)
(The event NPC will remain for one more week and will be taken offline after maintenance on June 12.)
Event Details:
1. During the event period, the event NPC [Sweety Witch] will be available on [channel 1] in the Angel Lyceum. She will provide info on the event, handle the lucky draw and other event services.
2. Players may purchase [Crystal Dust] from the Item Mall (Price: 49 AG) to take part in the lucky draw hosted by the Sweety Witch. 
3. During the event period, there will be special value [Crystal Dust] bundles available on sale every morning from 8am – 11am and every night from 7pm – 10pm. These bundles include a set of 30 Crystal Dust packs for 1390 AG, 50 packs for 2200 AG and 100 packs for 4160 AG.
4. During the event period, simply purchase popular lucky bags in the Item Mall for a chance to get bonus [Crystal Dust].
5. The Sweety Witch has prepared a wide variety of fascinating prizes. The more participants there are, the higher the chances of getting a valuable prize!

Event Prizes: