2013 Mall Memorial Gold Galore!

Issued On: Dec. 17, 2013

It’s coming to the end of the year, and to thank all our players for their support, as well as to celebrate the holiday season, we are holding an event you can’t possibly miss.

Event Duration
The event will start right after server maintenance on Dec 19th and will last until 0:59 on Dec 26th EST (GMT-5).

Event Details
1. Purchase 5 Scorpio Lucky Bags at a go to get a yummy bonus of 5 Mall Memorial Gold!
2. Purchase 10 Scorpio Lucky Bags at a go to get a grand bonus of 12 Mall Memorial Gold!

Players can exchange their 2013 Mall Memorial Gold  for various rewards from the NPC [Annual Angel] in Angel Lyceum. Annual Angel will appear on Dec 26 after the maintenance.


The Angels Online Team