Fight In Dangerous Icy Lands!

Issued On: May. 5, 2013

Felika's letter was accompanied by a worn map of [Blizarro Castle] as well, which the principal instantly passed to Archangel Michael. Let's take a look at this valuable map!

Blizarro Castle was built in such a way that it's easy to defend and hard to attack. It's also known as one of the most beautiful places in the world! In the past, during their tea breaks, the people would gaze upon a wonderful sight - the sunlight striking the walls and reflecting off them in a myriad of colors.
Frost Queen Natisse is a powerful queen, and yet one day for reasons unknown to us, she suddenly deactivated the cable car leading to the castle and broke the Mirror of Truth, plunging the land into chaos. And the castle turned into dark, and ominous castle overrun by monsters!

The worn map indicates four major areas of Blizarro Castle:
You must pass through the long and narrow Blizarro Castle Corridor upon entering the castle. It is guarded by lots of monsters bent on driving trespassers to despair. The only way to get through this corridor is to go on a monster killing spree, get the Silent Key and unlock the door to the Silent Menagerie.

The Silent Menagerie is situated in the garden, just like an outdoor map. The monsters here are a bit more powerful, and Angels have to kill the monsters to get the Summoning Flute. Only by playing the flute can they awaken the Icewalker Anvecal!

The Shadow Cellar can be found above the corridor of the castle. The monsters here are especially vicious so be careful! Amongst the numerous mirrors scattered everywhere, our Angels have to look for a Restless Soul that was killed by the Ice Dragon King Gaelin before they can open the door and fight the demonic Dragon King.

The Snow Queen's Secret Room is found in the deepest part of the Blizarro Castle that is only accessible through the Palace Stairs. You can reach the stairs only after you've defeated both the Icewalker Anvecal and the Ice Dragon King Gaelin. During a short period of time, you must fight off monsters and find the torch that will show you the bedroom door of Frost Queen Natisse. Go through the door and face the ultimate challenge!

The Angels Online Team