Enter A Beautiful Fantasy Realm!

Issued On: May. 5, 2013

Greetings, little Angels! The Angel Lyceum has received a mysterious letter from Felika of the Frost Mirror Kingdom. The splatter of blood on the envelope is indeed worrying! There are only a few words in the letter: “Kingdom of Frost Mirror Map - Felika”
When the principal sniffed the letter though, the “blood stains” appear to be just sealing wax! What a relief… But let us take a closer look at the map now, shall we?

Feather Leaf Forest

Snowball Village

Illusory Maze

Radiant Cave

Iceberg Lake

Subzero Market

Silver Wing Cable Car Station

Wow! The Kingdom of Frost Mirror has such grand architecture, adorable little igloos and mysteriously radiant caves! Don't you wish you could tour the kingdom right away?

The Angels Online Team