Oran Floral Paradise

Issued On: Mar. 20, 2013

An unexpected guest has arrived at the Angel Lyceum: Flora from Oran, the kingdom of flowers!Flora is a professional horticulturist from the Oran Kingdom. Her goal is to encourage the cultivation of beautiful flora all over the world. But she’s lost her precious Oran Seeds while travelling and needs someone to help her find her [Oran Seeds]. If you bring them to her, she will give you various fascinating rewards in return.

Event Duration
After maintenance on March 21st to April 11th 2:00 AM EDT (GMT-4)
The event NPC shall remain until April 18th 2013.

Event NPC

Event Content
During the event period, the NPC [Flora] shall be available in the Angel Lyceum. [Oran Seeds] (price: 69 each) will be available in the Mall. Players may collect [Oran Seeds] and give them to [Horticulturist Flora] in the Angel Lyceum. Flora will rapidly cultivate these into [Oran Trileaf].
When players exchange Oran Seeds for Oran Trileaf, there is a chance of failure. If the first cultivation fails, the player will not be able to get any Oran Trileaf. If the cultivation is successful, the player will have two choices: “Please continue plant splitting” and “No, thanks! I’ll take these!”
If the player takes the first choice, he might be able to get even more Oran Trileaf, but if plant splitting fails, he will lose some of the Oran Trileaf instead. The luckiest players might get up to 12000 Oran Trileaf!

                                                                 Oran Seeds on Item Mall

                                     Use Oran Seeds to cultivate Oran Trileaf

                                              Choose continuing or not

                                                                 Some Exchane Items

                                                                   Succesive Cultivation Attempt

The Angels Online Team