PD Memory Lane Sale!

Issued On: Feb. 6, 2013

Do you remember all the wonderful PDs that were released in the past? Well, you’re about to get another chance to collect these awesome PDs! It’s time to take a walk down memory lane at the Mall. There are yummy discounts on the Enchanted-Fashion Accessories lucky bag and the Enchanted-Universal General PD egg, so what are you waiting for? Come grab some now!

Lucky Bags and Eggs available in the Mall

Note: 1. These Lucky Bags and Eggs will be taken off the rack on February 21st 0:00.
2. The vouchers from the Lucky Bags and Eggs can be exchanged at the NPC [Fashionable].

Event NPC:

The vouchers from the Enchanted 2012 Acc. Lucky Bag can be exchanged under the “Enchanted-Fashion Accessories” option, and the vouchers from the Enchanted Universal General Egg can be exchanged under “Enchanted-Universal General PD” option.

The Angels Online Team