The Halloween Gift - Wave 3 (Update)

Issued On: Oct. 19, 2012

Halloween is coming, this is the third gift for our angels. Enjoy the gift, and enjoy Halloween fun.

Event Duration
October 20th 1:01AM - October 22nd 1:00AM EDT (GMT-4)

Every 2400 AG purchased (or, simply exchange 400 IGG Points for AG) gets you an Halloween Gift!

Halloween Gift
10 WaterMelon Amulet Scrolls

Rules and Regulations
1. Each account is limited to THREE Halloween Gifts.
2. Only paying accounts can apply.  A player cannot apply on someone else's behalf. (Update)
3. Angels who qualify for a reward can register via the Online Service and the rewards will be sent out within 3 working days after the event ends.
4. IGG reserves the right to final interpretation of all rules and rewards, as well as the right to amend or remove any and all rules, restrictions and rewards without prior notice.


How to use Online Service?
1. Please login
2. Click Online service, then click submit issues

3. Choose "Angels Online" and choose "Event Problem"

4. Choose "The Halloween Gift - Wave 3", and submit the form.

The Angels Online Team