TRIPLE Shells Giveaway

Issued On: Aug. 27, 2012

Angel Shells have been a smash hit since they were introduced. Now we're excited to announce to the Angels Online community that we've made it easier than ever to collect them! During this special event, players can earn tons of shells to use in purchasing all sorts of cool items - including elite mounts and other precious items!

If players consume Angel Gold at 1:00am on August 27th until 1:00am on August 30th EDT (GMT-4), they will earn TRIPLE Angel Shells.

What's more, the Shell Mall will be releasing the 4 patron beasts that are currently available (including Fiery Cerberus, Wind Pterosaur, Phoenix Fire and Gryphon) and other precious items in the Auction zone and the Limited zone. Head on over to the Shell Mall and grab what you need now!

Don't miss this chance. Come and join the fun now!

The Angels Online Team