Back To School Part 1 - Special Pets Party

Issued On: Aug. 17, 2012

The carefree summer hols are nearly over. Are all of you treasuring the last few days left? Well, it's fun to go to school too, and Angels Online will still be by your side! We're making the four most loved pets available to you and you can select one of them to accompany you for the new school term! Serpent Egg, Shadow Egg, Fuzzball Egg and Sword Egg... Which one will you choose?
Event Duration
August 19th 1:00am - August 21st 1:00am EDT(GMT-4)

What gives?
1. Exchange 500 IGG Points to Angel Gold (or an equivalent 3000AG) now, and you can take any one of four Pets absolutely free!
2. This means an exchange of 2000 IGG points (or equivalent 12000AG) and all four special pets are yours to keep! This crazy, unbeatable offer is for a limited period only!

*IGG points to Angel gold exchange rate: 1 IGG point: 6 Angel gold*

The Four Special Pets
Serpent Egg, Shadow Egg, Fuzzball Egg, Sword Egg

Rules and Regulations
1. Only transactions of direct IGG to AG exchange or one-time AG charge is accepted.
2. Each account is limited to only 4 Special Pets.
3. If you meet the criteria as listed above(refer to the "What gives" section), send in your applications through our Online Service, and we'll work on as soon as possible.
4. Once your application's been approved, you can claim their rewards from NPC Bao Clerk in 5 working days.
5. IGG reserves the right to final interpretation of all rules and rewards, as well as the right to amend or remove any and all rules, restrictions and rewards without prior notice.

So start exchanging now!

How to use Online Service?
1. Please login
2. Click Online service, then click submit issues

3. Choose "Angels Online" and choose "Event Problem"

4. Choose "Special Pet Egg Application", and submit the form. 

The Angels Online Team