Easily Grab a VIP Badge

Issued On: Apr. 17, 2012

VIP status has become more and more attractive in Angels Online. To reward our warmhearted players, we will be holding an “Easily Grab VIP Badge”event and temporarily reduce our VIP requirements, so now it is easier for you to get hold of a VIP Badge!

Event Duration
From 1:01am on April 18th to 1:00am April 20th EDT (GMT-4)
Event Rules
1. During the event, all VIPs may apply for the VIP badge without worrying about the 2000 point charge.
2. Players who are already VIPs before this event starts but don't have a VIP Badge are also welcome to take part in the event now.
3. Click http://service.igg.com and apply to be a VIP player now if you are not a VIP yet.
4.Only one entry is allowed per IGG account. Players are unable to apply for a VIP Badge again if they have already obtained one.
5. Players can claim their badges from the Bao Clerk in 5 working days after their application.

More information can be found here:
Charging your points

How to use Online Service?
1. Please login http://service.igg.com/
2. Click Online service, then click submit issues

3. Choose "Angels Online" and choose "VIP Account Service"


4. Choose “VIP Badge Application", and submit the form. 

The Angels Online Team