A Grand EXP Feast! (Update)

Issued On: Mar. 8, 2012

Dear Angels, "Double Fun, Triple EXP" is back! And guess what? This grand EXP feast will last for two whole weeks! And that's not all! Purchases of Pisces Lucky Bags will be rewarded with Spring Mystery Tickets, so you can max your EXP in the Spring Mystery Areas! There's no reason not to battle on!

* You can gain a HUGE EXP bonus from killing monsters inside the Mystery Spring Areas. For example, after using a Double EXP Card, a Level 125 Angel will gain 540,000 EXP upon killing a Club Poker Pries inside the Mystery Spring Area. *

Event Duration
After the server maintenance on March 8th to March 29th EST(GMT-5)

Yummy Details
1. After Server Maintenance and during the event period, the following items with the 2x exp effects: Double Exp Cards (30 minutes), Double Skill Exp Cards (30 minutes), and Pet's Double Exp Cards (30 minutes),  will deliver a 3x exp effect.
2. The following items with speedup effects: Collecting Speedup Cards (30 minutes) and Facture Speedup Cards (30 minutes), will offer players much quicker effects.
3. You will get Spring Mystery Area Tickets when you purchase 2012 Pisces Lucky Bags during the event period. Talk to the NPC "Spring Angel" to enter the Spring Mystery Area!

4. During the event period, your pets will be able to store extra EXP in EXP Stones and Carat EXP Diamonds! (Only Exp Stones which are used after the event has started will enjoy the effect.)

Rules and Regulations
1. Only Angels who have graduated from the Angel Lyceum and have joined a faction may enter a Spring Mystery Area.
2. For your convenience, Spring Mystery Area Tickets can be exchanged in the following ways

3. A Spring Mystery Area Ticket will have the same effect whether you hand them to the "Spring Angel" or use it yourself.
4. Each faction has its own Spring Mystery Area. Angels can use Mark Stones or Mark Portal Scrolls in their faction's Spring Mystery Area.
5. Monsters killed in the Spring Mystery Areas will not drop gold.
6. Once the Spring Mystery Area Ticket duration has ended, you will be teleported to the Area Hut. You will have to use another Spring Mystery Area Ticket to re-enter the Spring Mystery Area.
7. Spring Mystery Areas are recommended for Angels Level 61 to Level 165. Angels above Level 165 will have a lesser EXP rate.
8. You have to activate the EXP Stones during the event period (and not before) in order to enjoy the EXP bonus.
9. IGG reserves the right to final interpretation of all rules and rewards, as well as the right to amend or remove any and all rules, restrictions and rewards without prior notice.

The Angels Online Team