2012 Valentine Lucky Bags!

Issued On: Feb. 9, 2012

February is the month of romance, and the season for 2012 Valentine Lucky Bags! Be sure to check them out, because they're simply chockfull of wonderful things, such as Level 140 Polar Bears, Level 135 Jade Green Weapon, Level 135 Jade Green Armor Eggs, and let's not forget the sumptuous 2012 Lover Gift Bag as well as other goodies!

Adorable Little Introductions!

The Lovable Level 140 Polar Bear
This is a Level 140 ride, but any Angel Level 100 and above will be able to ride this Level 140 Polar Bear!

The Beautiful Level 135 Jade Green Armor Egg
Enhance your Level 135 equipment and up your defense with this lovely green hue! After all, extra HP and MP always come in handy!

The Sweet 2012 Lover Gift Bag
Open this lovely goody bag to get a pretty enchanted accessory!

Top-Lavender Spa Bathtub
And take a nice relaxing bath in this Level 120 Special Robot with top attributes.

Wait no longer! Go grab yourself a Valentine's Day Lucky Bag now!

The Angels Online Team