Melting the Snow with the Spring PD

Issued On: Jan. 11, 2012

Do you know the story of the four seasons?

At the end of the winter season, the mysterious 'White Queen' - Winter - returns to her blissful slumber, and in her place, comes the beautiful Spring. The Great Historical Archives of Angel Lyceum revealed her as a fair-looking lady who brings happiness to Eden through her sunshine, and carries a feeling of hope and care in her strides. Like her sisters, she is charged with the noble task of governing the climate and festivities of Eden during her term.

In reverence to the nobility of her work, the best tailors of Eden worked ceaselessly, spinning their magic looms and making sure each thread falls in perfect placement; and the result - the Enchanted-Spring PD; hope-filled attire woven with an oriental feel. The lightness and its bright, shimmering colors will certainly add a smile on your face.

Feel the breeze of spring with these pieces!

Getting that Enchanted-Spring PD
Collect a certain amount of the Enchanted Acc. Vouchers from our "2012 Acc. Lucky Bag" and exchange it with NPC Fashionable for your Enchanted Spring PD today! The 2012 Acc. Lucky Bag can be bought from our Item Mall.

NPC Fashionable

The Angels Online Team