Expansion Feature V: Newbie Bag Giveaway!

Issued On: Oct. 20, 2011

Starts after the server maintenance on October 20th and lasts until November 23rd. Everyone is welcomed to participate in this event.

Changes to Expect after the Expansion
1. Everyone who creates a new character, after the new expansion goes live, will be rewarded with an untradeable Angel Newbie's Gift Voucher!

2. Approach the NPC Newbie Envoy with your Angel Newbie's Gift Voucher to trade for an untradeable [Class Specific] Newbie Pack! After completing the newbie quests, approach Newbie Envoy in Angel Lyceum for your Newbie Pack!

Newbie Bag
Wondering what's in the bag? After having completed the newbie quest, your new character will open the bag to receive an untradeable 2X ExpStone (1 day) and a Level 20 New [class specific] Bag to be opened when the character has reached Level 20. Inside the Level 20 pack are a high quality weapon and armor that will give you the edge over other newbies as you fight your way up to higher levels. After opening the Level 20 pack, in addition to the weapons and armor, there will also be a Level 30 pack to be opened when the character reaches Level 30. Each time you open a new pack, there will be a higher level pack to open later, up to Level 80.

Class Specific Variants
Level 1 New Sword Bag
Level 1 New Axe Bag
Level 1 New Spear Bag
Level 1 New Bow Bag
Level 1 New Mage Bag
Level 1 New Assassin Bag
Level 1 New Production Bag

Note: For more accurate information, please refer to the game.

The Angels Online Team