Expansion Feature IV: Pharaoh's Bag Giveaway!

Issued On: Oct. 20, 2011

This event is open to all players from all servers.

You will receive a pack loaded with some bare necessities such as potions for all your adventuring needs!

After server maintenance, from 20th October to 23rd November EDT(GMT-4)

Here's how it goes
1. All players from levels 1 to 50 can receive a Pharaoh Blood Bag and 200 Great Purple Potion from the NPC Support Angel.
2. If your level's higher (Level 51 or higher), you will receive a Pharaoh Adventure Bag and 200 Super Purple Potion from the NPC Support Angel.
3. All items are untradeable
4. You can only claim your reward ONCE.

NPC Support Angel

The Angels Online Team