Expansion Feature II: EXP Party

Issued On: Oct. 20, 2011

After server maintenance, from October 20 EDT(GMT-4) to November 3rd server maintenance.

What to Expect During the Event
1. If dancing's your name and ballroom fun is your game, then this is for you! The cooldown of all balls will be reduced to a day, while the number of participants will be doubled (more dancing, yeah)!
2. For those who love the sweet taste of Party Candy, rejoice! The expiry date, effect and duration of Party Candy has been greatly increased.
3. Item Mall Special: Check out the 'On Sale' tab for our Ball Tickets(Price: 89AG)
4. The rewards and EXP gained from Holy Battlefield has greatly increased.
5. Can't get enough of our exciting deals and offers? Check out NPC Magical Envoy (in Angel Lyceum) to trade in some extras for the following items:

 Double EXP Card(30min)
 Skill Double EXP Card(30min)
 Pet's Double EXP Card(30min)
 Collection Speedup Card(30min)
 Facture Speedup Card(30min)

NPC Magical Envoy

The Angels Online Team