Pharaoh's Expansion Patch

Issued On: Oct. 19, 2011

After much anticipation, the long-awaited Angels Online Expansion is finally here! Dive into the action starting from the sand-covered desert regions of Basil, journeying though winding passages and trap-covered valleys to uncover the secrets of The Pharaoh's Treasure!

We will be downing all servers on October 20 for a 6-hour maintenance and patching from 1AM to 7AM EDT(GMT-4). While we pave the way for all would-be adventurers, read up on what you can expect from this new patch at our Pharaoh's Treasure website here. If you are in for some excitement, take part in our discussion in the forum event 'Find The Words!' or participate in our forum discussions!

Here's are some exciting happenings to expect from this expansion
1. 8 Major Events that will rock your world! Take part in these events for some great rewards!
2. 7 daily events that you can do to get fast EXP and win exciting prizes!

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The Angels Online Team