Visit the Flying Paradise Now

Issued On: Jan. 14, 2010

We are very excited to announce that the long awaited brand new addition to Angels Online - the Floating Island will be ready for players to explore after this weeks routine service maintenance! 
As the fourth expansion for Angels Online, the Floating Island contains loads of fresh content that is sure to keep players adventuring for a long time to come. One of the very best aspects of the new addition is the brand new class--Assassins. Swathed in black robes, their faces covered by masks they are the anonymous killers. Often the only part of them that can me seen is the shiny dagger in their hands. However, the also have a myriad of other weapons secreted about their person. So if you ever get the chance to meet one you might not be around long enough to critique their outfit.

The new version is chock full of diverse new scenes and imposing storylines. The mysterious Sunshine Palace, which for a long, long time has been guarded by a colossal ancient dragon, is ready to see the light of day again. The whole flying paradise of the Floating Island is under the control of an ancient civilization and will soon be appearing in the skies of Eden. But what will become of it? Will the Evil Lyceum take control of it and bend it to their nefarious will? Or will Micheal's little Angels be able to deliver it from evil? Only time will tell.

The exciting Angel Arena will offer a brand new way for players to enjoy fairer yet imposing challenges.

When more than 16 players participate in the game, they will be randomly distributed into 16 separate maps to fight each other until the final 16 stand on their feet. Then the remaining 16 will be divided into 8 groups doing PK and so forth, until the champion comes out. Only those bravest and the most powerful player will be qualified with the grand title of the champion. The Knockout match will definitely become more intense.

Meanwhile, we have just upped the Skill Exp bonuses out of HOLY BATTLE in the new version.

In addition to the brand new class and scenes, the Floating Island also gives players of every class the chance to earn higher-level skills and items. 

Come join the party with AO and IGG now! For more information about the Floating Island, the new addition to Angels Online, visit 
Players should install the new edition patch first so that they can log normally into the game after the server maintenance this week.

New Edition Patch
Entrance to the Floating Island!

Entrance to the Sunshine Palace!

Enjoy and explore the new land of adventure!

The Angels Online Team