Join Double Shell Event to Win Wind Pterosaur

Issued On: Jan. 6, 2010

We are very excited to inform the community that the patron beast of Breeze Woods, the Wind Pterosaur, has come to Eden.

Wind Pterosaur, the patron beast of Breeze Woods, possesses more excellent attributes, especially its defence power than other ordinary mounts in Eden. Like other patron beasts, it has no level limitation. Everybody can travel the game world riding on a Wind Pterosaur, even if you are a newbie player.

Now, players have a chance to run with the Wind Pterosaur in game. The Shell Mall will be releasing it exclusively to all players for the first time EVER! The price will be 5000 Shells, which is a pittance compared to the powers this beast wields. Meanwhile, the Shell Mall will be holding a Double Shell event from January 6th to January 8th EST (GMT-5) offering all players the chance to gather even more shells to spend. During the event, players will gain double Angel Shells if they consume Angel Gold. What's more, the player who spends the most Angel Gold will get triple Angel Shells.

If you want to buy a Wind Pterosaur for others, you must contact us via the 24/7 Live Support or Self Service ( to submit the account info and the character name which will receive the mount after you purchased it. Remember to submit the application within 1 working day after you purchased a mount, otherwise, we will send the mount to the account that used to finish the purchase.

Wanna experience the awesome power of the Wind Pterosaur? Wanna become one of the Dragon Knights? Hurry up and gather as many Angel Shells as you can now. Offers are limited.

How to get Angel Shell?
1. You will be presented with 1 Angel Shell for every 100 Angel Gold you spend in the in-game Item Mall. The Angel Shell you get today will be calculated and charged into your account at 12:10am EST (GMT-5) next day. Everyday, the player who spends the most Angel Gold in Item Mall will get DOUBLE Angel Shell for that day.
2. Masters and Apprentices System
3. Answer Shell Questions under each news
4. Exchange IGGem for Angel Shell (5 IGGem = 1 Angel Shell)
5. Exchange AO Forum Karma for Angel Shell
6. Events that give out Angel Shell as rewards.

I want to get the Wind Pterosaur now!

The Angels Online Team