Server Ares is Ready for PK

Issued On: Sep. 16, 2009

We are very happy to announce the coming release of a brand new PK server called Ares. In Ares, all players are welcome to freely PK with each other for honor and respect in game.

Note 1
Except for the following areas, players can PK anywhere they like in Ares.
1. Angel Lyceum and the four main cities
2. Level 1-20   scenes: Spike Farm, Shadowy Path and Wishing Tear
3. Level 20-40 scenes: Cherry Village, Cactus Plain and Memory Cave
4. Level 40-60 scenes: Golden Beach
5. Level 60-80 scenes: River Valley
6. Level 80-100 scenes: Waterfall Camp
7. Level 100-110 scenes: Fantastic Sand City

Note 2
Players can obtain 2X exp and 2X skill exp by killing monsters in PVP scenes. When not in a PVP scene, the exp and skill exp they obtain will be the same as that in other servers.

The PVP server is now in beta testing, so all players are welcome to come give it a try! Post suggestions, or bugs on the official forum so that we can make this new battlefield perfect! Thanks for your continued support!

The Angels Online Team