Mounts Make the Man (or Woman)

Issued On: Jun. 15, 2009

The party never stops in Angels Online, as the new expansion, House Party, has been packed with so much new content, you won't know where to start. New maps, items, quests and monsters all make this one of the biggest updates to AO ever. Today, we are here to unveil details about newly available mounts.

Flying Sand Camels

This is the only way to efficiently travel the desert on four legs, and the best way until they add a dune buggy. Only the best (and fastest) camels can earn the title Flying Sand Camel. With sturdier than normal legs and the cool temperament necessary to cross the burning desert, these aren't your average dromedaries. With the ability to sniff out an oasis and enemies with GPS-like precision, they can fight back with fierce melee attacks and defensive skills which can be invaluable in combat.

Desert Ostriches

They're not as much fun as dune buggies and they certainly aren't as calm and collected as the camels, but their soft feathers more than make up for that after a long, bumpy ride over the dunes. While more hardened warriors would scoff at this kind of creature comfort, Mage's find it invaluable, and with spell attacks and tough defensive abilities, they have earned the affection of Mages everywhere.

Funny Monkeys

Hey, they say the mighty lion is the king of the jungle, but I'll bet he doesn't have a ride half as cool as this. What self respecting king could resist 4 strapping monkeys carrying a banana sedan chair? With melee, spell attack and defensive skills to spare, climb on for the ride of your life!

Panda Robots

Everyone saw how powerful a panda with the soul of a kung fu master could be on the silver screen last year, well, imagine having your very own Kung-Fu Panda!

Motorized Hot Tub

Look up the world's most luxurious rides and you will no doubt see a few limo's with a hot tub in the back. However they tend to be extremely long, and totally impractical to drive. How about doing away with the limo, and just keeping the hot tub? Are we kidding? Absolutely not! The folks at Angels Online have designed a magical hot tub ready to carry you wherever you want to go, even into battle - climb out of the bath to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies! This magic ride doesn't require a driver, so we ditched Jeeves for a much more appealing Arabian water girl ready to refresh your bath if the water gets too cold. Talk about riding in style!

Angels Online Team,IGG